hot snakes     (last update: January 2008)
so yeah, after seeing them on the suicide invoice tour, i spent way too much time looking for stuff on the hot snakes.
i enjoyed what i found so much that i felt like passing it on to friends and family, etcetera etcetera.
i don't steal or post anything i find, just a link (unless you've got an old print article you wrote and you'd like it posted).
if you've got anything i should know about, my electronic mail address is mjmst74 at gmail dot com.

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the smiling phone indicates some form of multimedia (read: audio and/or video) delight
circa audit in progress:
pick up the phone!
Luau {6.1.05 London}
10.04 - Nottingham new!
pics from the audit tour (i believe).
circa suicide invoice:
pick up the phone! 8.31.02 - San Fran, CA
hot snakes show in mp3 at transmission 3000 - an incredible show. [16]
8.31.02 - San Fransisco, CA
return of the bantha! [29] (bantha fodder, click the up arrow and check out all their sets)
8.30.02 - Portland, OR
bantha fodder strikes back! [19] (bantha fodder, click the up arrow and check out all their sets)
8.25.02 - Bottleneck/Lawrence, KS
on the suicide invoice tour. with show review. click 'more' for directory listing of all photos, 41 - 68 are the hot snakes. [27]
8.15.02 - 9:30 club/washington, DC.
my photos from the suicide invoice tour. with setlist. [26]
pick up the phone! 8.12.02 - Athens, GA
hot snakes show in mp3 at transmission 3000- they played ben gurion in athens. [17]
8.7.02 - skrappys/tuscon, AZ.
on the suicide invoice tour. with 'cudas pics. [20]
2002 tour
4 great pictures from sebastian stirling's newartillery. [4]
somewhere in 2002
on the suicide invoice tour. with some 'cudas. [--]
michigan fest 2002.
good photos michigan fest, 2002. [15]
(from, there's just no html page listing the photos).
michigan fest 2002.
michigan fest, 2002. [3] (also one picture on page 14.
check out all this person's michigan fest photos. horribly indexed.
circa auto midnight:
4.30.00 - Los Angeles, CA
some pictures [9]
4.1.00 - San Fransisco, CA
fantastic gallery! [45] (click the little up arrow to go to the index, there are several sets of RFTC photos as well)
pick up the phone! live show in streaming video
high quality streaming video of a killer show. split into two halves. [2]
pick up the phone! 3.29.00 - san diego
hot snakes show in mp3 at transmission 3000. [11]
casbah and the checafe in san diego.
around the time auto midnight came out. [18]
03.23.00 in new york.
a big RFTC fan clicking away. [9]
drive like jehu:
pick up the phone! 09.14.94 san fran
jehu show in mp3 at transmission 3000. [11]
huge pictures. huge as in many kilobytes.
good pictures. good as in enjoyment-units. [15+]
san diego.
three pics. a fleeting glance. [3]
pick up the phone! radio int. w/ rick - aug 31 '05. new!
radio interview with Rick on The Mich Vish Interracial Morning Show (at ).
circa audit in progress:
band - oct '04.
article on the reinvigorated hot snakes.  you can try not to get your hopes up for the band, i guess, but good luck after reading it (particularly the last two paragraphs). side project no more, is how it sounds to me.
   cue: gnashing of teeth on rocket phorum.
circa suicide invoice:
rick- february 2003.
email interview with rick. mostly terrible questions, but a question about the wipers redeems it.
pick up the phone! john & rick video - 2002 tour?
incredible video interview in Quicktime, about six minutes long. you will quit your job and buy a van after watching this.
rick - sometime in 2002/2003?
another email interview, from mashnote, with rick.
rick - printed fall 2002.
article/interview from the Omaha Weekly about the band, written at the start of the suicide invoice tour.
rick - printed aug 22, 2002.
strange article from the seattle weekly featuring snippets from an interview with rick.
rick & john - printed aug, 2002.
great interview with rick & john from written paragraph-style.
rick - july/aug 2002?
strange, short synopsis of an interview with rick. who wasn't talking much.
rick - July 16th, 2002.
another email interview, from the pirate record company. but still a good read.
rick - right after suicide invoice came out.
email interview, from delusions of adequacy. still interesting.
john & rick - circa 2002?.
great article/interview by brian wallace for DIW. john & rick talking about being in the studio recording suicide invoice.
john- march 30, 2000.
old article that originally appeared on, which was bought (and later shut down) by MTV. snippets from john.
circa auto midnight:
john- march 23, 2000.
san diego union-tribune article. good read.
rick & john- auto midnight time.
the buddyhead interview-> fantastic.
drive like jehu:
drive like jehu - rick & mark.
great rambling interview, long as moby dick.
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wipers hokusai wave      
self-promotion: the headaches, new band i'm playing in, still active (as of jan 2008) and gearing up to start playing a little more.
  big nature, a now-dead effort inspired by what burns never returns.

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